You cannot teach passion and it is something that Marek pours into all of his work. That passion combined with his musicians ear and sensibilities makes him the most formidable of producers. The projects of mine that he has worked on are of my personal favorites.

Marc Belke (SNFU, Wheatchiefs, BOATS)

I go way way (way) back with Marek...I remember how incredibly focused and dedicated and talented and original he was as a young man- today that is even more obvious. His incredible attention to detail is what makes his productions so emotional and believable. He finds a way to give music dimension and weight without being heavy handed and over bearing. He is an impeccable musician and a great human...both of which make for fantastic music.

Jann Arden

Marek taught at the Pacific Audio Visual Institute when I was Dean of the audio programs. He is obviously very passionate about digital audio and is an excellent teacher. He was very generous with his time and inspired students to learn. Marek impressed me with his deep knowledge and experience in the audio field.

I have also had the pleasure to work in production with Marek. He is very organized, culturally and artistically sensitive and has a high level of technical skill. Marek's work ethic is impressive and he follows everything through with attention to detail.

I look forward to working with Marek again in the future. He will do very well in whatever he chooses. I highly recommend him.

Ken Burke - Blue Wave Productions

Marek has a profound capacity to fit the sound to the emotional content of the track. Numerous engineers and producers mix by meters. Marek mixes by what makes his hair stand on end, moves his bowels, and rotates his eyeballs. While this may be somewhat uncomfortable and profoundly socially inappropriate at times, it is certainly effective. As long as he stays in his little box and is not seen with me in public, I'm all good with his approach.

Glen Zielinski (Producer/Engineer)

Marek Forysinski is a terrific sound engineer and as fine a human being as you are likely to meet. He's got great ears, dexterous fingers, supple thighs and a winning smile. He creates a working atmosphere that's collaborative, open-minded and results-oriented. He'll challenge you to do your best work, help you to identify the best ideas for your songs, and give you lots of options during the mixing process. Best of all, he runs on coffee, smokes and oatmeal.

Scott Lingley (WHM)

I had Marek Forysinski produce and mix several tunes for me. I am a Singer/Songwriter living in Victoria, BC.

I found Marek's Skills to be exemplary. He has a fine ear and understands completely what is needed for a quality MIX. I would use him again in a heartbeat!!

Lonnie Glass (Singer/Songwriter)

The genius that comes from working with a engineer like Marek, is that in your finished product, you not only hear the quality, but can wholeheartedly accept the compliments from others about it - with Marek in mind and reference.

Henry David Thoreau said "When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt it"; This can be said of working with Marek, on all levels of recording your musical gems. Thumbs up!

Constance White (Singer/Songwriter)

I've had the privilege of working with Marek Forysinski for about three years now, and he is meticulous about everything he records. As a result he comes up with pristine recordings every time. As a musician, producer and engineer, he's a world-class talent with great ears.

Glenn Willows (Harlequin)

We've worked with Marek on several projects over the years and the reason for this is that he is absolutely committed to delivering a great result. He is an organized, experienced, talented and meticulous sound engineer professional with an excitement and passion for the process, execution and production of our recordings.He spends time to not only understand what we want to achieve, he works as a collaborative member with a real desire to get the best representation of our music. He takes the time to share his vast knowledge of mics, pre-amps, approaches, etc. to ensure that we understand the possibilities and permutations we have available to us and this allows us to be better informed and able to better describe what it is we want to achieve. In a sentence; he is a kind, supportive, creative and articulate audio professional who is dedicated to finding and capturing your sound.

Kelly Service (WHM)

I have had the pleasure of working with Marek in a couple of different studios. His creativity and technical expertise have consistently been savers, and have always made our music better.

Tommy Banks

Marek is a man with big ears, truly the musician's engineer/producer.

He exhibits grace under fire, keeping his own cool, which translates to the musicians keeping theirs.

Rather than paying attention to the clock on the wall he pays attention to the music, unheard of in today's business.

Supporting when he is called to but also pushing when he feels the artist is ready to be, all in the name of capturing great content.

His knowledge of Protools, Logic, microphones, arranging, orchestrating is staggering.

I look forward to working with him again.

Miguelli (Producer/Songwriter)

Marek was very easy to work with, along with having an excellent ear for music he mixed the tracks very quickly and was quite receptive to all our comments and feedback. We've received many positive reviews about the tracks we had mixed and were even able to get a record deal with them.

Jon Yellowlees (Secondhand Habit)

We called in Marek to finish mixing my 'So Here We Are' recording and he did an amazing job, helping to create a great piece of work that stands the test of time. His mixes are standout great, his work ethic dedicated to quality, and his attitude totally pro, always pushing sonic limits.

Lester Quitzau

Marek took on the mixing of my last project and I was extremely impressed with the sound quality, level of professionalism and turn around time. His mixes stand up to material coming out of world class studios and can from every aspect be considered the work of a seasoned professional. The overall placement of the instruments was clever and creative but retained the presentation that my music required. Marek was very intuitive with my rough tracks, taking them and molding them into pieces of work that really took on a life of their own. His efforts brought new energy and dimension to each song. Equally impressive is his ability to quickly provide alternative mixes and arrangements for comparison, all the while retaining an easy going and coherent line of communication.

On another level, his production ideas and suggestions for arrangements were very helpful and valid to the project. This is something that should not be understated: Marek's value as a producer is very evident when you start working with him ( and should be considered when working out a package deal).

If you are looking for someone who can edit and mix tracks at a world class level and bring real value to you project, Marek will deliver.

Karl Andriuk (Singer/Songwriter)

I've had the pleasure of knowing Marek Forysinski for at least three decades now and throughout his career. We've done some cool stuff over the years from our late teens to more recent projects. Marek has always been very knowledgable and has honed his craft to a fine art over many years. I like working with Marek because he is a good natured, kind hearted individual who really brings some positive energy to his work. He is very thoughtful and mindful of the artist and really becomes an integral part of the creative process. I'm glad to see that Marek is still doing what he loves and wish him all the best!!

Terry Bestilny (Duh Simpletons)

I have known Marek for many years in a professional capacity as a singer songwriter, and Marek has engineered and mixed many of my songs. In all that time, Marek has been professional in his behavior, and is a most dedicated music producer. He is straightforward and honest in his relationship with the composer/client and has been very imaginative regarding the sounds and imaging he manages to incorporate in his mixing. He is communicative without being overbearing and genuine while being sensitive to the sound of the product being developed.

I heartily recommend his abilities.

Frank Phillet (Singer/Songwriter)

It doesn't take much time to realize the creative capacity of Marek Forysinski. His ears hear all and are only matched by his incredible intuitive sense of what makes a good arrangement better. A gifted musician, Marek brings skills as a producer and engineer that tap into the creative process in a way that only an artist can. The only thing as good as having him in your band is having him behind the board.

Dale Ladouceur (Producer/Songwriter)

Marek is one of the most talented producer / arranger / engineers i've ever had the chance to work with. He has an innate ability to hear through to the emotion that inspired the song. From that point on, every note, every frequency, every dynamic choice he makes is for the purpose of communicating that emotion clearly. And he's got cool hats. Seriously cool hats.

Carrie Graham (Singer/Songwriter)

My name is Dave Morgan and I am Vice President of The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta and a film maker of many years.

I have known Marek all of these years and it is with hesitation that I give my full endorsement to Marek's many skills. I have worked with him on many occasions and beyond his skill set it is a pleasure to work with him. His resounding and relentless pleasantness, and competence make each project a joy. Skill and attitude are the things you need when you are deep in a project and Marek has these in spades.

I also enjoy beating him at golf.

Dave Morgan
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